Writing when you’re an artist.

Finding time to write when you’re a full-time comic book artist can be VERY difficult. Finding time to proofread and edit that writing is no easier. Here’s one of my time-saving tricks some of you might find useful.

I often proofread outlines and scripts by ear while I’m at the drawing table by using Apple’s SPEECH feature. It’s in SYSTEM > PREFERENCES > DICTATION/SPEECH.

You can “Select All” to hear the whole thing, or select specific portions of text. Creating a key combination is handy so you won’t have to bother using the menu.


If I’m not able to be in the office at all, perhaps on the road or even working in the yard, I’ll export the audio to my iPhone as an MP3 file by selecting all the text and using the SERVICES dropdown menu. I find if I export my script as a PDF and then create the spoken track from Previews, it reads a little cleaner.


If you’d like to make use of the handy speed adjustments, a quick way of doing that is to use the AUDIOBOOKS tag in the “Get Info” option inside iTunes. Upon playback on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll see the “1x Speed” option a the bottom of the player.