I cherish family time. I get home as early as possible every single day, and I’ve cut my comic convention schedule to the bone to stay home on weekends.

At work, focus is always on the current project, but glancing forward to whatever’s right around the corner is a daily occurrence. There’s not a lot of time to look back.

Still, I’ve checked off some major career goals in recent years, some of which were extremely difficult to pull off. Some were in the public eye, others were internal, or personal challenges. Whatever they are, most of those wins end up going uncelebrated because the next thing has a deadline and it’s ALREADY due.

Who would want to stop, anyway? You don’t just STOP when you hit a goal because that’s not the point of a goal. The goal isn’t the THING, it’s the thing that gets you to the next thing, like mile markers on the career highway. Clicks on the odometer.

I don’t do this as often as I should, but earlier this morning I took a minute to look back on some of those wins. I did my best to try and remember WHY I made those particular goals, and I even made a few new ones.

It’s the month of Thanksgiving and I’m a little early, but consider that todo item checked off the list.