Troy Duffy to take on Jean Lafitte, and my experience with the Boondock Saints universe

Boondock Saints writer/director Troy Duffy is set to take on Louisiana pirate/hero Jean Lafitte. I was introduced to Troy a few years ago at a comic book convention by a mutual friend named Eben Matthews. During that weekend, I had a chance to sit and chat with Troy (and Sean Patrick Flanery) at the booth. I had done some promo artwork for the Boondocks Saints comic book for 12 Gauge Comics before it was published, and they were signing posters of one of those prints. Troy was very funny, easy to hang out with, and seemed to have a genuine love for all his fans. He stayed at the booth for hours signing autographs and smiling for camera phones, etc. Nothing at all like the caricature portrayed in that doccumentary.

Also in the Boondock Saints family was Chris Brinker (Boondock Saints producer). I worked closely with Chris for about 6 weeks doing storyboards on his new crime film Bad Country shot in and around Baton Rouge. Chris was an incredibly hard working director and had a solid vision for that film. It was a thrill to sit with him and work through that story to try and nail down the right direction for that film. I learned a whole lot, and left that project feeling like a much better storyteller. Sadly, Chris passed away shortly after shooting before finishing post production. I haven’t yet seen the finished film, but I imagine it will have a release date soon (if not already).

As a native of South Louisiana, Lafitte is quite the legend. In fact, there have been several times in my life when I’ve heard people talk about knowing where some of his treasure was burried. I’ve never found any, myself, but I keep my shovel in the trunk just in case.