Sweets on TV?

WhatCulture.com picks SWEETS: A New Orleans Crime Story for their list of 10 comics that would be great on TV. Have a look at all the books here.

“This thrilling story, full of twists and turns, conspiracies, and special abilities keeps you guessing right until the very end.“
Carl Jansson

If you haven’t yet read Sweets, you can grab it here in Print or Digital.

For those curious about the real-world status of all this, I have been approached by various producers and I have gone to Los Angeles and I have done meetings about it.

Here’s the reality, I make comics for a living and I know absolutely nothing about shooting a feature film or creating a great TV series. However, Film/TV is another possible revenue source for my family so I take it seriously.

For SWEETS to become a film or a television series, many pieces of the puzzle need to snap into place. The book has to get into the hands of the right person at the right time with the right funding available. The planets must align and I have no clue how to drive planets. My job is to make a great comic, that’s the one thing I DO have control over. So that’s my focus.

I’ve gone through it a few times with other comic projects, but never with a fully-creator owned comic where I’m on the front line. I’m on the phone and I’m in the meetings and that’s pretty damn exciting.

None of this is a “do or die” scenario, film/TV will either happen or it won’t. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to stress over it, the truth is that it’s actually a lot of fun. Besides, I’m a “process" guy. I draw because I like the process of drawing, I rarely like the finished drawing itself, the same goes for writing. I do find great enjoyment from other people’s finished work, but rarely with my own work. I find it nearly impossible to enjoy a comic I’ve worked on without second guessing every single thing. The process of creating that comic is what I love the most. And the process of trying to get a film or television series is a crazy ride.

Can’t wait to show you guys what I’m working on right now, the process doesn’t get any better than this.