Some thoughts on magic.

Comics, games, stories, apps, animation, movies. We fall in love with these things because to us, they’re magical. Here’s the bad news. If you choose to become a magician, to create the things you love, that magic will no longer exist. It’s gone—Completely and forever. 

You quickly find out that what you thought was magic was actually smoke, mirrors, and deception. The illusion is wrapped in duct tape, rubber bands, and a rabbit stuffed inside a bag somewhere under the table. If you choose to become a magician, you’ll never enjoy magic the same way again. But I’ve got some good news. The good news is that there’s a better kind of magic. The magic of process. Figuring out how to hide that rabbit, that’s the real magic. That’s the magic that only magicians get to experience. 

The creative process. That’s your magic.