Masking fluid for inking

I love collecting and studying original art, it’s one of my favorite things to do at conventions. Most Sunday afternoons, you’ll find me browsing original art for hours a a time. It bums me out when I see older pages with flaky whiteout, Prowhite, etc. that’s slowly crumbling off the page.

To avoid this problem on my pages, I use Masking Fluid. It’s specifically a watercolor technique I’ve adapted to inking comics. First, you pencil the page, then use the masking fluid to ‘protect’ the paper to create all your white lines, textures, spatter, etc. There’s a clear version of the fluid and a slightly yellowish version that allows you to see it a little easier on the paper. Once you’re done and the masking fluid dries, ink the page as you normally would. Brush works best because pens have a tendency to peel up the latex. Once the page is completely dry, erase the pencil and the masking fluid peels up to reveal the white paper underneath. Give it a try if you’re prone to using white lines on your original part pages.

Winsor and Newton Watercolor Masking Fluid.