Custom Headshots!


Custom Headshots!

from 50.00


Based on buyer feedback, here’s a little variation on the custom headshot. I’m still offering the all-digital version for the same price, but now I’ve got the option for those that want to own an original drawing. Here’s how the two options break down.

1. ALL DIGITAL - $50

You'll get two versions, a low resolution JPG for use on the web, and a high resolution TIFF for quality print work. You'll own the copyright, so feel free to use it any way you'd like. I've seen these pop up on brochures, websites, album covers, posters, business cards, bios, etc. Use it as you will.


With this option, you’ll get to own an original black and white drawing. You can frame it, pin it to the wall, whatever. I’ll be doing these on fine bristol board with india ink. Highly archival and the very same materials I use on my original comic book artwork. With this option, you’ll also get the ALL DIGITAL versions above in color. This option also includes shipping for anyone inside the continental US. For those outside of the US, please email me before ordering.


Once you purchase this item, you’ll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Please reply to that email ASAP your photo. Your photo should be crisp and have enough resolution to see details. A bit of side lighting is great. A bad photo will likely result in a bad drawing.

Please crop the photo so I won’t accidentally draw the wrong person. If you'd like to submit MORE than one image, that’s great, just keep in mind that it’s possible I’ll pick the one you like the least. To ensure this doesn’t happen, select your image(s) carefully.

Have a look at the sample images here, and it should help with the selection of your own photo. I won’t be editing images or adding/removing elements. If you’re wearing a baseball cap in the photo, I’ll draw that cap. But again, if you’d like something a little more process oriented, drop me an email.

Typically, I’ll be able to complete the image the same week I receive the photo, but please allow two weeks for completion. I do these in the mornings as a warm up when I have time, so it’s kinda wedged in between other work.


No revisions, changes, or refunds. To keep the price way down on these, I’ve only allowed enough time for ONE pass on the artwork, and a bit of set up and production time. If you’d like a more detailed back-and-forth process, revisions, variations, or multiple images, please email me directly and we can work something out that covers a more elaborate process. —  

You own the copyright, but I retain the rights to use the piece online for promotional purposes and in my portfolio. No need to give me a credit line when you use the image, it’s totally up to you.

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